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We would love to be a part of your show / event! If you're wondering how Art of Akira works at an event / show, or would like Joe Peacock to come and present tracks on animation history, Akira, or the merits of technical excellence in work, use our form to contact us! You can also check the photos below (which link to full galleries of our past events). Or, you can download our curator's planning guide!

  • Some photos from past events:

    DragonCon 2010 -- Atlanta, GA -- 100+ piece installation, 4 days

    Scotland Loves Animation -- 2010, Edinburgh, UK -- 40 piece installation, international travel, 4 days

    Pixar Show & Tell 2010 -- 50+ piece installation, 1 day, conference/talk

    ToonSeum 2010 -- Pittsburgh, PA -- 50+ piece museum installation, 3 months

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